Sunday, July 03, 2005

Boot sale fun in the sun.

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Two boot sales today. the first was at Verdin Park where the Fun fair is (Hazel and Archie went yesterday after the carnival parade). Lots of stalls and some bargains to be had like the pile of DVD extra discs for 50p each. Also some full length films including the Cohen Bros. "The Man Who Wasn't There" which I'd seen before but it baffled me so much I'd like to see it again to try and make more sense of it! I love Cohen Bros. films generally but this is an odd one. Also got "5 Hour Photo" and "Johnny English" which is supposed to be awful but quite like to make my own mind up.
Hazel got a coin that turns into a multi-bladed knife thingy( I expect it will turn up on her BLOG soon! Archie got some Simpsons comics. Then quickly to another in Hartford which was quieter and not much bargainwise. Hazel rushed home for a drink then off to take her Mom and sister before they started to pack up for the day.
Hazel is outside in the back garden, rummaging through the second shed contents to take to the tip tomorrow. She wants to see if the furniture in there (buried under all the junk) is worthy of her new workshop space.
Archie has gone upstairs to read. He is on the penultimate book of some trilogy or other which I forget the name of involving trolls, elves, goblins etc. It's good to see him reading so much. Hopefully it will help his terrible spelling.
Time for some music? What shall we have today? No records from the boot sale so will dip into the archive again.

Ray Noble & His Orch. - Haunted House

Billy Cotton Band - I've Got A Lovely Bunch of Cocoanuts

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Roger Stevens said...

I'm enjoying the Spike Jones.
It's blooming cold tonight down here in Jill's office. Jill's in Leeds - so I'm going to continue to be cold when I go to bed.

Hazel's home though. So you'll be warm enough.

Welcome back, Haze! Glad you had a nice time.


michael said...

Glad to hear the Spike Jones and illustrations arrived o.k.
Yes it is a bit nippy at night. In July!
You'll have to fill up that Jilly shaped hot water bottle!

cemenTIMental said...

I'd forgotten about "The Man Who Wasn't There"... I saw it in the cinema when it came out, amazing film but yes, very odd and enigmatic. I'll have to look out for the DVD myself, would be good to re-watch it.

I haven't been to a boot sale for ages, there are none locally and I don't drive... :( Ah well, probably for the best as it results in me wasting less money on junk! :)

michael said...

The DVD comes with some good extras inc. commentaries by the Cohen Bros. and Billy Bob Thornton and a "making of" documenatry which may shed some light on the film's oddities!