Monday, February 08, 2016


So here we are in February already just catching up again here in blogland. January was fairly quiet with much wind and rain as is today infact - terrible storm Imogene following on from storm George and storm Harriet or whatever it was. Someone remarked on FB that storms just seem to get more fierce and frequent since they started naming them and I think it's true! Anonymous storms seem easier to handle somehow and tend to blend into one another. So today we are celebrating 100 years of Dada with many collagings about Hannha Hoch, Schwitters, Ernst and others.Collage came alive back then and we are still in the shadows of the their foot stools. Or their bathing machines? Umbrellas? Anyway, some dadaist thing inbued with mystery and romance. Inbued, is that a word? I'll have to googly it. Today I made another for the dada group on FB. This (above) is an old one from last year - from the blog Kollage Kit. Also a trip into the windy town for a walk among puddles and posting parcels. Found some cheap DVD's including "The Woman IN The Window" by Fritz Laing - not one of his best known works. Also Charlie Chaplin shorts on two DVD's - all cleaned up with a nice musical track added. I watched the first "A Dog's Life" which was fun with some nifty slapstick, acrobatics and a cute mongrel. Just made some mince pies with the left over mince that was solidifying in the fridge. Just in time for afternoon tea.

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