Sunday, February 28, 2016


Nice day out in Chester, mainly to collect work from the Northgate Studio Gallery. Always time to wander round the cobbled streets and pop in a few charity shops, the market, Poundshop etc. Hazel went off on her own to frequent the clothes and shoe shops. I didn't find much , just a DVD in the pound shop of a strange Brit comedy with that sad eyed chap from the Detectorists. His name escapes me for the moment. Anyway, we watched it in the evening and it was OK but nothing special. I think it was called Three To One? Mackenzie Crook - that's the feller. We met up for lunch- al fresco style by the Chester Male Voice choir collecting for daffodil day - they were wearing bright yellow daffodil hats! Actually they had just finished and Hazel collared one to say how much she enjoyed it. I can take it or leave it myself. I enjoyed the yellow hats though! Quite a few buskers about including a boy playing a trumpet and a string quartet. After lunch we collected my work and had a chat to Jane who runs the Northgate gallery. She said there may be another open exhibition in the Summer. Not sure if I will bother exhibiting again though as they had no luck selling my work and it's a bit of a traipse from Northwich. We shall see. Home again via the antique emporoim at Blakemere. Hazel bought some old tin badges including some nice Joe 90 ones from the 60's Gerry Anderson TV series.

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