Wednesday, December 03, 2014


Nice day out on the train to Stafford yesterday. Only 35 mins. away from Hartford Station with stops at Winsford and Crewe. Lovely sunny but cold day. Nice park greets you as you leave the station at Stafford, full of interesting shelters and buildings. Some with thatched roofs. An aviary full of exotic birds. A river and little white bridge across to the main shopping area which is mostly pedestrianised. Lugged my 3 collages to the Shire Hall Gallery in the market square where I am showing them in a themed exhibition in January "Landscapes". Interesting building which contains an old court room complete with papier mache jurors and judge etc. My work was taken from me and put in another smaller court for safe keeping. Felt lighter then and able to walk around the town. Went in most of the charity shops. Hazel bought a few things including a tin for pins, thermometer for the summer house, etc. I didn't find anything except some cheap glue in the Pound Shop. Useful for cleaning records. Its amazing how much dirt and crackle is lifted out of the grooves using PVA glue - quite remarkable! Had lunch in a noisy cafe by the market. Egg on toast ( twice) and a cuppa for £7.50. Bargain. Then to the museum to see the rooms of dummies and cavaliers etc. Some old toys too in cabinets. Then home on the 14.35 train.

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