Sunday, December 14, 2014

Saturday 13th Dec. 2014

Busy day with a trip to town first to check out the Artisan Market. Hazel bought a pickle fork and nut crackers from the amusing cutlery stall. the chap running it had the gift of the gab and said the fork and nut crackers were reduced from a million pounds to only three pounds. In the end she got both for a fiver despite having plenty of pickle forks and nut crackers at home! Bought a few nice things to eat for lunch. Tony and Pene were coming round so had to make an effort. I cooked a nice mixed vegetable soup for starters. Two quiches for the main course - goats cheese and molly-coddled onion. Also a plain mushroom and cheddar. Salad and later some delicious apricot tart and cream from M&S. We had coffee and tea in the summer house despite the freezing temperatures and watched the windows steam up! Felt a bit exposed now all the leaves have fallen! later went round to the new cul-de-sac to see the new houses and sneer at their tiny rooms and lack of cupboard space. It was supposed to be an open day but not sign of anybody - no drinks or nibbles as promised. Interesting perspective on our house. We need some new trellis to keep the garden more secure.

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