Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Walk In The Woods

Pleasant weekend all round but the highlight being a lovely walk in the bluebell woods at Marbury with our old chums Tony and Pene. The bluebells looked amazing and at their best this week in Cheshire. You'll have to go to my Flickr stream to see more photos of them. We went for a delicious vege burger and chips pub lunch afterwards at the Salt Barge nearby and sat in the sunny beer garden at the back. A nice pint of Tatton ale too! Tony and Pene showed us some of their holiday snaps from Oz where they went recently to see family. Looks like they had a great time. Then back to ours for tea and biscuits and our photos we took in 2010 visiting Sydney and Hazel's Auntie and Uncle in the Blue Mountains. Tony tried on the stripey knitted jumper that Hazel's sister and Mom had made for him. Another photo opportunity!

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