Monday, April 21, 2014


We've had a busy weekend going places. First to Macclesfield to the Silk Museum and had lunch at the Salt Bar - Swedish and Norwegian food. Looked round the charity shops etc. The weather has been good mostly sunny with a chill wind so still had my duffle coat on most of the time. Archie and Hazel have been doing some gardening. Moving benches and repairing tables, painting the back gate etc. General tidying up and planting stuff they bought at the boot sales. Hazel's hoping to get a new shed/ summer house at the end of the garden and remove the old one that blocks out a lot of light. They have been planting and weeding at Granma's too. Yesterday we went for Easter cake and coffee and Archie filled a large bucket with dandelions he'd picked out of the front lawn. The boot sale at Whitegate was busy but despite the good weather and the crowds we didn't get much. Hazel bought some ceramics for Audrey and some more plants. Archie did some experiments with an electric blower and a funnel - making Easter chicks from the Pound Shop wobble about and spring out in an alarming manner! Ron in Glasgow sent this nice Easter card collage.

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