Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Frantic looking for tent pegs to hold down runner beans at Tatton.  Hazel got home and found them after Archie and I had looked in the coal shed and garden shed for 15 minutes amongst the cobwebs and detritus - fearing an avalanche of mail art and garden equipment!   She's driven back now to do some more before the heavens open.

This is the second week of putting up the "Art Allotment" that MMU staff and family are doing.  Archie has been along for one day to erect the shed and fence posts etc.  I went along last week with Hazel to help out in the scorching heat. Sat in the shade when I could - sticking bent wire seedlings into strips of plasticine!
Today Hazel has gone on her own to help set everything out as the Press Day is tomorrow which she will miss as she has to go to the dentist for a filling thats fallen out and rubbing her tongue. (There's always something - a favourite phrase in our family!)

These photos give you a idea of the space that has to be filled.  Lots more stuff turning up yesterday and today Hazel said so should be plenty to see.  Audrey's knitted runner beans and cauliflowers- Archie's recycled tin daffodils nodding in the breeze. Hazel's dibbers and seed spacers and my collage and postcards.

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