Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ruthin etc.

Another collage hot off the assembly line.  Check out more at">Laughing Shed.  Have been neglecting this blog for a while , for which many apollygoggies to all my readers (all 16 of them!)  .  Too many  blogs and never enough time also the weather has been very warm just lately and not  good for tip tapping on the old keyboard.  besides which my memory isn't as good as it used to was.

A nice day out in Ruthin though ( photos on Flickr and ipernity )  to see Sharon Blakey and her ceramic chum ( his name escapes me for the moment ) do a talk about drawing and sketchbooks and the importance of keeping a record of ideas and visual notes of thoughts about work etc.  Not really meant to be seen by others but essential for most makers whether they be ceramicists, painters, sculptors etc.  Also had a nice sandwich and beer in the local pub for lunch with a view of the Welsh hills  ( just behind that pile of crates ).

Earlier we went to the local boot sale at Whitegate which was on the way to Wales.  I didn't get anything but Hazel found a few bits and bobs including tools,  ceramics, gew gaws and whatchamacallits.

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