Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Walk

Nice walk around town to buy supplies- art folders from Works ( third cheaper than anywhere else ) and more DVD's from library sale. Then a pleasant autumnal walk along the river through Carey Park looking at all the yellows and russets and feeling like we were in the middle of nowhere but in fact Marks & Sparks is just 15 minutes walk away! Sat down on a Rotary Club donated bench to see the river cruise go by and wave - just then a heron swooped low over the river and did the most amazingly huge dump just missing the boat. It was like when one of those helicopters fighting a bush fire dumps gallons of water from a bucket! Then onto the Anderton Boat Lift for lunch in the cafe as the nearby pub was being refurbished. Luckily they had a some nice seasonal parsnip and pumpkin soup you could stand your spoon up in - along with half a buttered baguette. That and a decaff cappachino was ideal lunchtime fare Two coach loads of tourists had just arrived so just got into the cafe before they filled it up.

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