Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Best Of The Christmas Catalogues

My latest paperback is just out in time for Crimble! ( Launch date 15th October )  121 full colour pages of festive nonsense!  get your copy HERE. You can also get it from Black Scat Books in the USA. Thanks to Norman Conquest for allowing my silly cut ups to find a wider audience. He's as mad as I am!

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Wastedpapiers said...

First review from Russell Duffy -

"Well, it’s like this. When Monty Python, or in this case Michael Leigh, met a pair of shears in a tawdry little room littered with magazines a funny thing happened. Armed with a paste pot full of glue along with a sharp sense of humour and a keen observational eye the redoubtable collagist created an outrageously funny tongue in cheek look at all those Christmas ads we find in a certain kind of catalogue.

If you need cheering up having spent too many hours wondering what to get Great Aunt Gertie then look no further, your problem is solved. This is a book filled with fun and festive frivolities even if in a very wicked way.

Highly recommended."