Friday, July 15, 2011

PC Problems

Old PC was playing up so much Hazel got me a new one for my birthday only it took ages to find the right one and still not sure. This Acer with Core i5 and Windows 7 seems pretty fast after the last sluggish geriactric but still having problems- not sure if its browser related or not. Cant seem to publish anything in blogger so this really is a test.

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ItsFixed said...

My PC is acting badly since surprisingly being sent to a Hackers Day site instead of Microsoft Windows Update. This may be a coincidence. It started by not downloading security updates and has progressed to the point where it won't connect to my internet LAN. It does odd things like refusing to exit Talk Talk network connection dialogue boxes by sending me round in circles when the close button is hit, and it won't burn CDs.
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