Monday, July 04, 2011

Marbury Walk and Boot Sale

Quite a busy week what with one thing and another. First it was the exhibition and open evening at Sir John Deans College to see Archie's "A" level artwork and the rest of the art department in the brand new building. Archie had some of his tin boxes ticking away on a looped film projection. The boxes were switched on every so often but the noise was so great he had to limit it to a couple of minutes for fear of everyone running out screaming holding their ears!
Then we went to Marbury for a walk and had a nice pub lunch nearby in Cumberbatch or is it Comberpatch? The barman was a bit grumpy and we almost walked out but we ordered some sandwiches which were fantastic and huge. We ate them outside in the small beer garden overlooking some old farm buildings. A handy man nearby was watering some hanging baskets with a pressure washer.
The next day we went over to see Treena and look at her latest crafts and art in her lovely leafy back garden. Also had fizzy pop and cake. Hazel bought a few things and ordered a larger collage/ fabric piece for which we supplied the frame.
Just one boot sael this week at Verdin Park which was pretty packed and a fun fair was nearby - part of the Northwich Carnival celebrations. Got a few DVD's including a very nice Ealing Classics boxed set for a quid. Hazel bought some plants crocodile clips and Kilner jars.

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