Sunday, May 02, 2010

May Day Weekend

Lucky with the weather yesterday as they predicted torrential rain but it didn't turn up until the evening. Went to town with Hazel early on to do the usual round of charity shops and the market. Didn't buy much. Found a DVD of "Coffee And Cigarettes" in the Hospice Shop - a Jim Jarmusch film that I hadn't seen before.
In the afternoon Hazel and I drove over to Marbury to walk through the bluebell woods - the short Flip film above does not do it justice. It was quite stunning as always and amazed it was so quiet with just one or two people walking dogs or on mountain bikes etc. You'd think the place would be packed on a Saturday to see such a sight as it doesn't last for long.
In the evening we watched the Fantastic Mr. Fox animation which was OK but the American voices didn't seem right really for a Roald Dahl story. All the baddies were played by veteran English actors though - why is that? How come we are so good at playing baddies or is this just how the rest of the world sees us?

Today it was a bit cooler to say the least but at least the rain held off for the boot sales at Verdin Park and Vic. Stadium. Verdin was best with quite a few stalls and hardy folk shivering behind their piles of tat. I bought two old battered tin toys - a duck and a car. A quid each which I thought quite reasonable. Hazel bought lots of odd bits including a 60's hair trimmer as used by Flash Gordon, a Bakelite needle case and some plants.
Good to get back into the warm after the windswept car park of the Vic. Stadium which only had about ten stalls. Nothing there.
Hazel has made some delicious choc chip cakes. Yum!

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