Monday, May 17, 2010

Leslie,Carl, Bethan Visit

Hazel's old college chum Leslie drove up to see us for the afternoon from Walsall yesterday. We had planned on a picnic but the weather was a bit iffy so we erred on the side of caution an had a buffet lunch indoors. I made an asparagus quiche and salad and also there was sausage rolls and warm crusty olive bread. Hazel made a rather disastrous meringue which hadn't cooked properly and was a bit gooey in the middle despite being in the oven over an hour. It was Delia Smith's recipe so we blame her! I got some small meringues from the co-op and we had strawberries with them and double cream. By this time we needed a walk to get rid of all the pounds we had added so went to Marbury to see the bluebells and enjoy the smells and sounds of the woods and meadows. Short edited Flip film above gives you an idea.
Then to Granma's for tea and cake and put on the pounds we had just walked off!

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