Thursday, February 07, 2008

Barry Wenden Visit

Delighted to find an e-mail from old art school chum Barry waiting for me yesterday morning saying he might pop over as he was nearby in Stockport at a meeting. So busied myself cleaning up and tidying a bit ( not that he'd notice ) incase he did show up. Eventually he did after a few TOm TOM diversions. It was like terrible sit-com , trying to give directions over the phone and Barry nowhere near where I thought he was! Anyway, eventually he got here and we had a nice chat as I cooked the dinner ( spinach and egg bake ) and caught up with the last 12 years or whatever it's been. Barry said he met Archie when he was a baby so that goes back a bit. Barry is still the same and he said I hadn't changed much either which was nice of him - a bit more snow on the roof but a boiler full of clinker. He told us some amusing stories about his travels in France and Clochemerle and the village life where he is head of the committee which brought The Vicar Of Dibley to mind.

Thankfully Hazel arrived home early and so was able to distract Barry while I finished off the vegetables and lay the table etc. Archie showed him his latest animations and we talked about the pro's and cons of the digital age.
It was very easy to get drawn into misty eyed reminiscences of our student days in Manchester and Archie must have been thinking " what a couple of boring old codgers!"

Around 7 he had to head back to Northampton - a good 2 and half hour drive he said. We promised to visit in the Summer but can't see Hazel driving that far!


Alistair said...

Hey, not Michael and Barry from Southend School of Art in the 60's? Don't expect you remember me, Alistair Young? Had a motorbike some of the time and remember going on trips out to Pauls place at Pagglesham...Decorating the canoe for the village show?....Lindas car, ....Mick Spellacy. Tea in the cafe at the top of the road listening to Hendrix on the jukebox. First life classes.. Pottery in the old air raid shelter..Bar billiards

Ah those were the days....If this isn't you, sorry!!!

wastedpapiers said...

Hi Alistair - great to see you here on my blog. Isnt the interweb amazing! I've bumped into a few old art school folk on the web including just recently Rick Cox, Ned Newitt and Richard Poole. A bit before your time I expect.
It was Phil Spellacy who lives in Leeds now and I'm still in touch with. Barry is in Northampton. Did you have big specs and a blazer? If so I have a photo of you at the college sports day. I'll scan it and post here so you can see.

candyfloss1 said...

Hello I have initiated a facebook site to keep the memory of 'Southend School of Art' alive. I was a student there for a short but memorable time 1959/1960. We have held a couple of wonderful re-unions.
My partner Les Shaw was a teacher there for seventeen years. Would you like to join the group via Facebook and please spread the word to all ex students you may still have contact with. It has been difficult to make contact it seems not many people I know of use fb I would really appreciate your input.Best wishes Carol Ann Lintern.
Carol Ann Linters

Wastedpapiers said...

Hi Carol, Good to get your comment. Always nice to connect with folk who were at or have some connection with the old Southend Art School. Good to know there is a FB group I will certainly join and add some old photos I have in these dusty albums!
I remember Les well though he taught graphics mostly and I was in the fine art studio most of the time. Have a photo of him at the sports day that Phil Spellacy took ( I think?) all those years ago.

Wastedpapiers said...

Just been on FB and the Southend Art School group is empty - is that the one you have started?

Can you send a link if its not. Cheers!