Monday, February 25, 2008

Barb & Des Visit

A week seems to have flown by without much bloggage. You havent missed much although we did have a nice visit from my sister Barb and her other half , Des. Who are still here in fact and will be going back via Nottingham today to drop in on Des' Mum.
The above was taken outside the candle shop at the Craft Centre who's name escapes me for the moment. This is as exciting as it gets! Hazel managed to find some cheap automatic candle snuffers to put on her blog. We tried them out last night and they work too. A pound for set of four.
We also went into the crafty shops and the sweetie shop and Archie bought some Green & Blacks.
The day before we showed them the delights of the new Co-op and a walk round Shakerley Mere to feed the ubiquitous ducks. We had a nice take-away curry ( I cooked the rice and nibbles ) and we watched a bit of a dull film about wine tasting in California "Hilarious" and " Extremely funny" say the blurbs on the video cover, but they must have been watching a different film!
Bumper crop of free DVD's in sunday papiers this week including "My Left Foot" with Daniel Day-Lewis who coincidentally won the best actor at the Oscars last night. Also Fellini's "La Dolce Vita".
Nice to see so many Brits get oscars including short animation and costumes and special effects etc.
Below is a corner of the "Garden Gnome" compound at the Craft Centre at Blakemere. Nice to see Andy Capp make an appearance after many years in the doldrums.


Anonymous said...

you took them to a lovely shed there!! H

wastedpapiers said...

So many lovely sheds - it's true, we spoil our guests rotten!

Jonathan said...

They DO spoil thier guests rotten...
a well known fact.

wastedpapiers said...

You certainly won't forget that meal at the oldest cafe in Nantwich!

Roger Stevens said...

They spoiled us rotten once!

wastedpapiers said...

Only the once?

Jonathan said...

Won't forget the meal in Nantwitch???
I thought we were still waiting for it !!!
They're chasing the order down the street to this day, as it "blew out the window".