Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Hazel Jones posing at the entrance to her exhibition at the Kustbanken gallery in Hamar, Norway. She only expected a small room and found she had three small rooms to fill and eventually by some clever arrangement and deviousness got a further room with a TV to play her DVD she had taken along! Not bad considering the work just took up part of a suitcase ( the 17 photos were sent ahead by air ).

Here's Hazel with a selection of her "found objects" used for inspiration - the icing nozzles, the string cutter, the padlocks and keys, the pipe cleaners etc. mostly all found in charity shops and flea markets and some sent by kind friends overseas.

Archie demonstrating a tin foil compactor I think?
Or it could be a pea polisher!Hazel with the box of "string too small for use" that was the main inspiration for latest sets of gadgets and metal objects for holding, storing, winding string. They all sounded very exotic translated into Norwegian for the leaflet and amused the gallery staff no end as they tried to figure out what words would be appropriate!


scrapatorium said...

Wow, looks wonderful! Hazel's gadgets are amazing and I'm sure the show will be a huge hit!

Adele said...

Ooh, well done Hazel! It all looks splendid, too far for us to pop and see though. Lucky you in Norway - is it part of the Capital of Culture?

A&E&h xxx

cemenTIMental said...

Sounds great, congratulations to Hazel!

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks all- my photos are rubbish but Hazel took a few good ones which hopefully she will uplaod at some point.

Norway is certainly very kultur conscious - even the tiniest of towns have an art centre or excellent gallery. Artists are treated with respect and get paid for exhibiting - they have a strong union in Norway!