Tuesday, January 01, 2008

First Day Of New Year

Woken without a headache after several glasses of rum and coke which is amazing. All I remember from last night is the drizzle and looking out the front door to see copious explosions and rockets at midnight and Hazel in a conga line going down the street with some drunken neighbours. I quickly retreated to the safety of the living room and the last of Jools Hollands Hootenanny. Seasick Steve being the stand-out this year.

Hazel has gone into her workshop today to finish off a few things. Archie slept until the afternoon and is watching some animation. Uploaded some new tracks to Boot Sale Sounds using my new toy.

Looking back in rhyme to 2007 with the aid of my diary I see that-

January started similarly with rain.
Now the months come round again.
My resolution for a collage a day
Started well but faded away.
It was the Regal's last show
Our cinema closing was quite a blow
Extras at end of month for zombie flick
In the old Regal before it got sick.

February started badly
No Regal auction lots sadly.
Nasty flu' attack which lays me low
Hazel off to Berlin she goes
Now really feeling rough
Not sleeping well enough
Up and down like a yo-yo
Crying and then a big ho-ho!

March is very much the same
Someone has re-wired my brain!
Thankfully help is nearly here
Sleeping pills take away the fear
Writing lost and lots of lists
Nearly sent me round the twist
I tell the ducks on Shackerly Mere
The fisrt boot of the Spring is here!

O dear! I can't keep this up for much longer! I think I'll stop while I'm ahead. Other highlights included getting book printed at LULU which was a tortuous affair I'll not repeat in a hurry! Archie started piano lessons at Bruces down the road. I tried to learn but realised I was incapable of playing any kind of musical instrument- even the ukulele ties my fingers in knots! Going to see the film "Dead City" in Knutsford was good too- mainly because we were in it but if you blinked you missed us!

It's been quite an eventful year thinking about it but traumatic at times. Hoping for a less stressful 2008 for all of us!

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