Friday, May 13, 2005

Unlucky for some.

The Austens
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I'm always rather uneasy about the number 13 and Friday the 13th in particular. Typically no post today of any kind, not even a bill, so in a way that's lucky I suppose. Archie was feeling unwell with a upset tummy so he's had the day off. He's been watching the video of the Princes In The Tower that his history teacher urged them to watch last night on Channel 4. It looked terribly dull the bit I saw and he didn't seem impressed either.
Now he's cutting up paper and making some origami insects and animals.
Yesterday I walked into town and got some bread and slicing sausage for sandwiches from the health food shop. Not many other bargains to be had. I walked hom a again as nobody was waiting at the bus stop and I could do with the exercise.
Added the last of the novelty postcards to Flickr from the Jones family collection. The one above isn't one of them but a card I found at a boot sale recently with additional collage.
Have been catching up with the mail as I realised I owed letters and cards to quite few people.
Some more western swing from the boxed set I found last week I think-

Spade Cooley - Boggs Boogie

Paul Howard - Rootie Tootie

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swapatorium said...

Oh, I didn't realize it was Friday the 13th! I think I will stay in bed all day just to avoid any mishaps. ;-)

michael said...

Yes, I usually keep a low profile on such days and try not to run anywhere with scissors or carry any heavy weights!
Thankfully no mishaps so far (fingers and toes crossed).
Archie has gone in garden for some fresh air after a day indoors watching tv. He's doing an experiments with snails- hoisting them up into trees in "capsules" to see how they like heights! It keeps him happy!

Roger Stevens said...

I had some post. It was a green thing.

I was walking in the garden today and a snail fell on my head.
Maybe you could mention that to Archie.

hazel said...

Could be a slug?

hazel said...

I didn't say the above..that michael posing as me again...
it could be bird snot!

Roger Stevens said...

It was definitely a snail.

Maybe it was a Sussex Tree Snail - a species thought to have died out in the Brassic Age.

michael said...

She has to lower the whole tone doesn't she?!