Sunday, January 27, 2008

Norway Film

Hazel took all these film snippets and Ive just cobbled them together and added a soundtrack as the original seems to vanish for some reason I can't quite fathom!
In it you see a clip of the train journey ( not steam ) to Lillehammer passed the frozen Lake Mjosa then a candlelit Esther's house which isn't that gloomy and lots of laughing and giggling- more trains and then a mistake as Hazel attemts to snap Esther's lovely pizza she made on our arrival.

We can't quite imagine that we went now a week or so later - seems a bit like a dream. Back to reality. Hazel has been washing and ironing like mad to catch up with the back-log from our week away. Archie is back on Rune Scape. I have been catching up with a few blogs but not this one. Some new pages on Boot Sale Sounds. Have been to town a couple of times to check out the charity shops and market but no bargains to be found though everything seems so much cheaper after Norway.
Found a DVD about Hannah Hawkswell and her lonely life up in the Yorkshire Dales running a sheep farm on her own back in the 70's.She became quite a celebrity and her fortunes changed after that programme and she wrote book of her life and went to New York etc. Nice story.

It's been quite mild here - sort of grey and overcast today. Might go and feed the ducks as Archie has bought a whole white loaf from Aldi to fling at them.


scrapatorium said...

Great film! Loved the laughter, especially the monkey!

Roger Stevens said...

Check this out - Joe's cartooning.

Roger Stevens said...

Er... yes, a very informative collage, as it were, of your Norwegian adventures.

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks Angelica and Roger. I don't know how that monkey got in there!?

Thanks for the link Roger- will take a look.

Er....well, I'm glad you accept it in the spirit it was intended.

wastedpapiers said...

Enjoyed Joe's cartoons. I tried to join and post some of my own butit kept crashing for some reason. I've given up and posted some on here and at Curios Thing and Fluxlist.

Roger Stevens said...

technology and comics, eh? odd bedfellows

wastedpapiers said...

NO odder than mail art and technology I suppose. I found that site rather frustrating I must admit. They seem to make it much too complicated. I suppose blogspot was in the beginning and I've just got used to it.