Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunny Rainday

It's so easy to vegetate on days like this where the threat of a downpour is always present. Luckily we were able somehow to drag ourselves out for a walk in the woods at Marbury and feed the ubiquitous ducks and welly around in the mud for an hour trying to spot the "creature features"- a nature trail for kids with colourful posters dotted around - fixed to trees and gates etc. We spotted a butterfly, a spider and a squidgy green octopus.

We popped into LIDL on the way home and just as we got outside the heavens opened. One can see how flash floods happen as the rain bucketed down. My linen jacket soaked up the big splats of rain like blotting paper. I had to run from the car to the pet shop to get Archie who was browsing the hamster chews section. I got soaked again on the way back to the car. Great Zambesi's of water poured down the road and made huge puddles where the drains were blogged. We got home just in time for the deluge to stop- Archie rushed in to make a paper boat to float down the gutter. Lucky we left the woods when we did or else we would be wetter than the wet you get bathing a red setter. No that I ever have but imagine you'd get pretty wet.


sylviasometimes said...

Hi everyone!!! What a terrific surprise we got in the mail today!!!Jumped for joy to immediately recognise Michaels distinctive envelope! And wow, what a cool gift from Hazel!!!
Really a quality documentation and design...and recognised some of Hazel's objects from her stream. Thanks so much for thinking of us...a great treat for us both!

Aye, Michael...I do see you get out in that garden at fact you 3 are always going can you keep collecting all these things and still have room to live there?! But they are are such neat things!

Hope your cold is much better...and the back too! My goodness...what a year!

Well, I was supposed to be in Ireland now...didn't happen!!!
Woke up one morning with no feeling in my left arm/hand! Since I work with stroke patients I knew it wasn't that, but didn't know what...ended up in the emergency room of hospital and days and days of test...ouch!!!! Out of work 2 weeks...had to use my saved up holiday time for that instead...not enough left for my trip. Bummer. Doc's never did find what caused it...just diagnosed as radial nerve neuropathy. Feeling is back but arm still awfully weak...Bejeebers the scare but it will be better!

We've taken a few day or weekend trips to the coast...treated ourselves with some fancy eats and
hotels & cottages...nice get-aways!

Miss you big time on flickr!

Take care, all...and thanks again
so much!

wastedpapiers said...

Lovely to hear from you Sylvia. Glad the book arrived o.k. Sorry you have been ill and have to cancell your holidays- what a drag! Hope you are feeling better soon.

Having been ill myself a lot this year I know how awful it is to be under the weather and not do the things you used to do without thinking.

Interesting programme about savants last night on the box ( sometimes they do have interesting programmes!) about a chap who can remember what day of the week it was on a certain date in history. Numbers are his friends he said and they were seen floating around him as he walked down the street. Another chap suddenly had the urge to paint and has filled his whole house with terrible messy self portraits- even on the ceiling! It was too much for his wife who moved out she could stand it no longer. A lady doctor also had a very similar exepriance to me and felt a compulsion to write all her thoughts down and talk endlessly when her brain got re-wired after a traumatic time in pregnancy.

I hope you get to Ireland next year. We are hoping to go some day. Hazel fancies driving around those very quiet roads. maybe we can meet up for a Guinness!

I miss Flickr too but found it very time consuming. My back didnt like it either! I will pop over though using hazel's sign in and make some pertinent comments! Or not as the case may be!

Marcia said...

Hi Michael, We've just had photos in the paper about the heavy rains over there....a photo of Tewkesbury as an island surrounded by water in particular was rather scary. (a cat I had was named Tewke was a namesake of this town.) We've had unusual rains in North Texas this year as well...It is almost the end of July and it's still raining. I hope your home is well beyond the flood plain. Keep dry

wastedpapiers said...

HI Marcia, thanks for dropping by. Yes, we are rather sick of the rain and the news is all about it ALL the time! IT's like the rest of the world doesn't exist! Every time you switch on the TV you are confronted by some jolly looking person in a dingy rowing down the High Street in Tewkesbury or Nether Wallop or somesuch village- all them stiff upper lips looking out of the bedroom windows and thumbs aloft. Ah the plucky english! Its just like the war or imagine how it must have been. But water instead of bombs.

Apparently it's all down to the Gulf Stream being much lower down and upsetting the usual weather patterns or something.

Marcia said...

well, water is preferable to bombs, I reckon. Our newscasters are the same, always breaking into the middle of programming with the latest "severe weather update". I think they've gotten a little tired of it after the last 3 months but there's still the unending stream of "flash flood watch" "thunderstorm warning" or "severe weather alert" trailing across the bottom of the screen. thank goodness tornado season didn't overlap too badly with the rains. Makes me NOT miss tv even more.

wastedpapiers said...

At least we are'nt troubled with tornado's and hurricanes so we shouldn't moan too much about a bit of rain I guess , but it is rather tedious when it goes on for two months non stop!