Sunday, July 15, 2007

Record Finds At Boot Sale

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Quite a haul of old kiddie records today at the Hartford boot. I could not resist these for 5p each and a Beatles Monthly No.7 from 1964 for 5p also from the same stall. Sadly still cannot upload tracks to Boot Sale Sounds at the moment. I suspect the gloriously gaudy sleeves are much more exciting than the audio anyway! Also got a couple of metal thingamies for Hazel I hid away but she found them stealing my plastic bag later to protect her car from a slimey pot plant she bought from LIDL on the way home. She says she didn't notice what I'd bought which annoyed me even more! She still insisted they be wrapped up for her big day ( 27th ). Also purchased for pennies - a wooden photo frame and a 3 DVD boxed set of an obscure 80's BBC Sci-FI series called "Space Cop" ( by the writer of Blakes 7" ) for the pathetic sum of 25p! MInd you, after watching a bit of the first episode I realise why I'd not remembered it and why it was so cheap!

Archie bought a green plastic crocodile and Hazel bought some ink pads and rubber stamp that says " DO NOT WRITE ON THIS SIDE OF THE PAPER" which I have adopted already until I get bored of stamping it on correspondence.

IT started to rain half way round so we came home via the aformentioned LIDL where we stocked up with comfort food and lots of biscuits and cakes.


plasticbag said...

Those record sleeves are priceless! Terrific find!

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for dropping by plasticbag- yes, I was thrilled with my find though the records themselves are cheap coloured plastic and play at 78rpm and so I cant listen to them. I usuallu put them trhough Audacity and slow them down but recording to CD from analogue source is proving to be a headache with new Sony equipment!

Groc said...

there's been a show about 'star cop' on bbc three (or was it bbc four?) recently. It did look a bit ropey. They started off trying to be all realistic and mimed weightlessness before deciding it was just too much hard work and just -stopped.

wastedpapiers said...

HI groc - yes, ropey would be the operative word I think! I watched some of the "extras" and it seems the series was plagued by misfortune of one kind or another. A scene-shifters strike at the BBC forced them to leave one episode out so instead of ten there are only nine.