Thursday, July 12, 2007

Crewe Flea Market

This is actually a photo taken at the Great Indoors Festival at the G-Mex Conference Centre last week. Archie contributed a drawing of Wilf or maybe another hamster? to the Art Wall.

Yesterday we went to Crewe market which was a bit damp but the drizzle soon dried up. Quite a few stalls there for a change despite the inclement weather. Good to see the old postcards back. WE were just starting on the big 5p box of mostly assorted scenic views when we were told they had all been sold to a lady nearby for a fiver! Audrey and I were quite miffed as we felt we had already chosen a few and with reluctance they allowed us to keep them. It got a bit crowded so I went round the charity shops. Found some cheap DVD's ( I dont know when I"ll have time to watch them!) in Cash Convertors for 2 quid each- even a boxed set of sci-fi inc. Aliens, Abyss and 5th Element. Also Goodfellers, Undead ( Oz zombie film ) and Corpse Bride by Tim Burton.

I met Audrey and Hazel later by the chip shop. Audrey had bought some fish 'n chips for lunch for her and Granma. It stunk the car out despite being in the boot. Phew!

I rotated this photo so it should be the right way up so don't understand why it's gone back to being like this. Just to annoy me I suspect! Its Archie with a small cardboard suitcase that Hazel bought to put things in. She has quite collection of suitcases now - mostly stuffed with blankets, duvets and old mail art.

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