Sunday, January 28, 2007

Our Days As A Zombie

We turned up at the Regal about 9.30am as requested but found only two people outside and all the doors boarded up and locked but after 5 minutes the door was opened and we went in to the darkended foyer which was crammed now full of old posters, film memorobilia etc. Everythin g had "lot" numbers on it, even the radiators and the light fittings.
Some "zombies" were being made-up in the back of the foyer by the old popcorn and coke kiosk and wires and lights and film acoutrements littered the floor and trailed through into the theatre.

About 30 "extras" had voluteered for this "no budget" film shoot. Most had answered a request in the local paper like we did. No pay but a chance for out names to be on the titles and the fun of being a zombie for a day!
Hazel had asked some of her colleagues at work to come but only John showed any interest as his son Saul was a big zombie film fan. They looked great in their make-up. Ours was pretty good too though Hazel's was very subtle and soon rubbed off.

The tedious bit was in between takes but thankfully there was a lot to see and explore. The old projection rooms crammed full of ancient projectors and reels of film were fascinating and we felt priveleged to have the chance to look round them.

The filming stopped for lunch and we had some tortilla wraps we bought from Aldi, crisps and orange juice.
We finished about 5pm. They were doing some action shots later but we decided to go home as being a zombie is quite tiring - all that moaning and staggering about takes it out of you!

The can read more about the film "Dead City" and see a short folm about it HERE.


Cate said...

Oh my, you two look gruesomely zombie-like. I hope this is the picture with the make-up.

michael said...

Hahaha! Yes, I didn't need as much make-up as Archie that's for sure.

Roger Stevens said...

To be quite honest I can't see a lot of difference.

michael said...

Thanks Roger - you can go off people you know!