Monday, September 04, 2006

Seaside Sunday

Hazel had promised Archie another trip to the seaside before he went back to school so yesterday was really the last day we could go as the weather forcaste seemed better than previous days. Tony came round first to collect the CD of Archie's animations for possible showing on Flux TV or whatever the new channel that MTV is producing. More about that at a later date hopefully.
The drive to Talacre in North Wales took about 90 minutes and on dual carriageways most of the time so it wasnt too bad with the aid of AA routefinder. Hazel is keen to get a Tom-Tom or Sat-Nav system to find our way to these places. A friend said they were excellent. Will have to ask Santa.
Got to Talacre on the lip of the Dee estuary about 11 so plenty of time to get down to some kite flying and sand castle building before the rain came and washed them all away. It was windy too and sand blowing into eyes, hair and ears! Archie seemed to enjoy the two hours of digging and pebble throwing anyway. I tooka few photos- some of which are on Flickr and some on Treemo.
When the rain came we blew back to the amusement arcade to throw some pennies down chutes and in the dustbin . Archie managed to make a pounds worth last a hlaf hour. He tried to win a penguin on one of those big crane machines but it didn't move. Hazel twiddled the knobs and the jib plummeted through the open hatch, where the prize usually goes, and lay there helpless! We ran out incase we got the blame.
Got home again by about 5. Hazel went and got a take-way curry which was delicious.
Today we went over to Lady Hayes Antique Centre near Frodsham to mooch about the barns of high priced junk and take some photos. The Dr. Who display was still there so more shots of the fake Tardis and K-9 who had appeared since last time. Hazel took some photos for an elderly couple and their grandchildren and promised to send them after getting their address.
Had out lunch in the park surrounded by screaming kids and dogs in Frodsham. Then to the town centre and the Oxfam and Cancer charity shop where I bought scratchy LP's by Max Miller, Chas "N' Dave and one about Fairground Organs. Archie got a talking book and Hazel found a book about the woman who does Bart Simpson's voice.


Syl said...

LOL...a woman does Bart Simpson's voice? Would have never guessed.
Sounds like you have really been taking advantage of these last few days of summer...and Hazel enjoying the new car!
We are off now...hope to see you soon! Roger, if you read SO disappointed at missing you!
Archie's animations on MTV?! Totally cool.
hi hi to all>

michael said...

We look forward to seeing you Syl. The MTV thing is a new venture and not definate but we will keep our fingers crossed!