Saturday, September 23, 2006

No Ducks Today

Simone & Garfinkle
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Just a walk into town and some early morning shopping before it got too busy. No bargains whatsoever. It was quite mild too- so much so I had to take off my jumper. Its nice to get to the end of September and not put the central heating on since May or whenever it was.
Hazel and Archie were just getting up when I got home. Hazel said she's got up hours ago and had a bath and was listening to Round The Horne on the radio- if you can believe that!
Above is a collage I made yesterday with a couple of others for possible inclusion at Scrapiteria. Also for the Girls And Guitars pool at Flickr
Hazel and Archie went out shopping later. I watched the prog. about The Fall and Mark E. Smith that was on last night. I have a soft spot fore the Fall but sometimes they are rather painful to listen to. I once saw them play live at Queen Mary's College in the Mile End Road back in the 80's - they were fantastic. Mind you, I think I was slightly tipsy at the time. I wrote to the band and got an illegible note and cassette of live gig from them which really amazed me - what other band would send out bootleg tapes to their fans!
Got a couple of interesting CD's in the post from the Exoticaring Group - James Brown's Intros. and some wonderful calypso from the 50's and 60's.
I made a prawn curry tonight which was excellent though I say so myself and we watched Men In Black again on BBC 1.

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Jon said...

Men in Black is always fun. Linda Fiorentino, phew! And how many times does the Long Kiss goonight have to be on television? If you have cable, it's every week. Great first half of a film, tho'