Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Butterfly Phenomenon!

Roger Stevens (radio) came to visit us yesterday and during a rather inspired collage session in the back room a most extraordinairy thing happened - just as he opened his mouth for yet another brilliant and pertinent witticism a few colourful butterflies came out of his mouth and flitted round our heads! It was so astonishing I had to rush upstairs and find my camera - luckily the butterflies were still there so I took this photo. Also a fly and bee emerged at some point and strange ethereal sixties type music was heard wafting on the breeze. Very odd. But things like that always happen when Roger turns up. Sadly Jilly was stuck in Manchester at the Labour Partly Conference but she phoned several times to check on the butterflies and the wasps etc. - she's obvious used to this.
Roger got held up in traffic so didnt arrive until lunchtime and afterwards we started on a curious eight page booklet on the theme of Space Travel ( or was it Spice Drivel?) Anyway, it soon took shape and Roger was churning out cut-up poems about dogs with beaks and horses with mortgages in no time. By 5 we had worn ourselves into a collaged induced stupour and had to stop. Hazel meanwhile had filmed alll this and the 3 hour DVD is available in the shops on Monday.
Roger showed Hazel his Tom Tom as they negotiated the roadways to the curry house and we had a selection of vegetarian dishes and I cooked the rice and nibbles. Jilly phoned to say she was having dinner with Tony Blair but she would much rather be with us.
Archie showed Roger his new guitar technique and Roger showed Archie some new chords he had invented.
Roger bought us some lovely gifts including some insect badges ( very appropriate!) , a poster of old record players, and a big shoebox full of ancient school's slide film in beautiful round sellotape encrusted cannisters. Not forgetting the two old Beano comics from the 80's for Archie's collection.


Roger Stevens said...


Had a lovely time.

Have you edited the video down then? Three hours seems a bit short.

Yes, back home now.

Just going to bed. Have to get the dead butterflies out of my suitcase first. When I got back to the hotel they were everywhere.

I blame Archie. He's getting too good at that animation stuff.

Mind you, I was a bit disappointed we didn't go and feed any ducks.


Jonathan said...

And I was sick the whole time. Glad you had a good visit with Roger... Next time we'll meet up with Roger and I'll refuse to be ill...

michael said...

I posted you the DVD to edit down a bit more Roger and the collaged pages to edit down a bit more also. I added a few words and things and you might like to scrape them off with a trowel. Feel free to change it all in that miraculous way you do the things you do.
Hope the butterflies are behaving themselves now?
Poor Jonathan - we still can't believe how ill you were but at least you didn't have bees and flies buzzing from one orifice to another!

Adele Prince said...

Boys just wanna have fun...;)

Syl said...

But do we get to see any of this?!

michael said...

I'm sure you'll see some eventually Syl. Hopefully will upload Archies animation when I have enough room on my Treemo account.