Saturday, August 26, 2006

Walk In Marbury

Had a nice walk in the woods and fields at Marbury Country Park yesterday. We meant to go last week but it looked like rain. It did drizzle a bit today but thankfully stopped and was quite pleasant. Our old neighbour Sarah and her two kids, Thomas and Lucy came along too. Not forgetting Monty the very old and overweight dog who huffed and puffed along too. We saw another dog very like Monty on the walk and I said he was Monty's "double". This will mean nothing to anyone who hasnt seen the creaky old British film of a similar name!
We didnt go down to the mere as Monty still likes to jump in the water to scare the ducks despite his age and infirmities. Later Sarah bough the kids ice-creams from the van in the car park and we sat by the play area which contains some climbing frames, a sand pit, balancing apparatus etc. The boys went off to make a den and see-saw nearby.
Afterwards we went into town to collect the hundred odd photos that Hazel had printed from our CD of digital images. We miss having photos to stick in our albums since the advent of digital cameras and out printer at home isnt really up to the task. We found that Boots did prints for 7p each if you had over 100 done.

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