Thursday, August 03, 2006

Walk along the Weaver

Its been very wet and windy earlier in the week so stayed in to catch up with mail and collage project for Rick Cox's friend in Cardiff. It was sunny and warm again today so after the man had been to quote for the "kerb dropping" we drove over to Winsford to walk along the River Weaver - a walk we saw whilst buying Hazel's car recently. Some naughty teenagers were racing a scrambling bike around the park and a park ranger was close behind in his Range Rover. They were much faster though and so he was always trailing. He stopped by us once and asked if we'd seen them and we pointed in the direction we saw them go. We passed him several times and although we tried to avoid him and the noisy bikers we always heard them close by which spoiled our peaceful walk rather. Took a few photos which you can find HERE. Also some of the collages that I did yeasterday. It's an assembling book so a few pages to do yet before the deadline.
Hazel and Archie have been digging up the front garden and putting it in bags to take to the tip. Ray, the handy-man is going to cement the slabs back in that we took out originally.

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