Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Actually not sure what the name of this game is. Snootlesnatch? Fizzogfumble? Anyway the idea is you throw your face in this handy cuppettes and the other person has to catch it and throw it back very quickly and not over next door's garden.
You can also play it with a very hard plastic ball that gets stuck in the apple tree ( where it still is ).
Archie went to the ROCK SCHOOL yesterday at Winnington ( above the bowling alley ) and enjoyed it despite being one of the youngest and not having the obligotory black T-shirt and skull and cross bones, monster head, screaming mummy motif and long hair like all the other "moshers". They split up into two bands each having a drummer and three lead guitars and two rythym guitars it seems and practiced a Guns & Roses song for 5 hours! He is keen to go back and do it all again today.
We took the opportunity to go over to Granma's to paint her front gate and wash down the garage door in readiness for painting tomorrow. What fun!
It was a bright sunny day so ideal paint drying weather. The trouble is the gate is ontop of an ants nest and they were running up my legs and biting my nether regions. Audrey went and got some anti-ant spray and that did the trick. Hazel also insisted on going to Next to seed what the sale had to offer. I went and oggled the gadgets in Currys instead.
Archie was home by 3-15 and had blisters on his fingers so lay on the settee for a couple of hours watching Futurama to recover.

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