Sunday, August 20, 2006

Raining Still

Baby Brown Frog
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It stopped long enough for us to go for a short walk around the lake at Shakerley. Archie spotted this tiny brown frog before he almost trod on it. It was camouflaged so well against the brown and green of the path. Saw two other tiny brown frogs a bit further on heading for the lake. Feeding the ducks with our stale bread noticed that the bread kept being slurped by some big fish. They had whiskers like cat fish but I don't think they were. I bet the fishermen on the other side of the lake were wondering why they weren't getting any nibbles.
No boot sale today sadly as the rain has been bucketing down for most of the night and most of this morning so the ground would be a quagmire.
An old art school chum Rick Cox came over on his way to Lincoln to see his Dad on Friday. I haven't seen him for 35 years though recently exchanging mail and I've taken part in one of his assembling artist book projects. It was nice to have a chat about old times and catch up with what he'd been up to all these years. He sneakily left a great stack of stuff to "redistribute" which I found on the sofa after he's left. Tons of old books and metal objects, badges, pen nibs, slide mounts etc. so he obviously had a good idea of what interests us! Hazel was quick to seize upon some nice old policeman's metal whistles for her blog. He gave Archie a wonderful old Mickey Mouse magic lantern and glass slides set which came in it's own carrying case. Parts of the lantern were missing but all the slides were intact and also included some old faded 16mm film of uncertain vintage in small spools.

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