Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bob's Yer Uncle!

I think this is my favourite of all the old postcards I bought at Crewe flea market this morning. I bought about 30 altogether and just beat Audrey to the stall who usually snaps up all the good ones for Granma! Some more over at Flickr.
Archie went off to the Rock School again. We dropped him off and drove to Crewe via Granma's to pick Audrey up.
Not many other bargains to be had. Qite a busy market though as the sun was out. I went through several boxes of old vinyl but seemed to be the same stuff I looked through last time. Got a cassette of Spanish sounding band in the Oxfam shop someone had bought on holiday no doubt. I haven't listened to it yet. I dont expect much for 49p.
Hazel shouted out as we sat and ate our breakfast this morning "Is that a woodpecker?!" and sure enough it was, pecking her fat balls. Very rare to see them in the garden though we hear them often enough in Marbury Country Park etc. It flew off by the time Archie dragged himself in to look. He thought Hazel had shouted "Get dressed!"

Red is the luckiest number

O yes, I have added my monthly upload to Swapatorium for August which this time is a record by The Two Ronnies.


Roger Stevens said...

That's a picture of me being upset because today I wiped everything off my computer. The main loss being all my email archive and all my unfinished songs. Luckily most of my writings and pics have already been transferred to my laptop. What a bummer, eh?

Have found a home for the rooseters though!

michael said...

You have an e-mail archive? Well, you did. How awful Roger- much sympathy. I can imagine the kind of face I'd be pulling if it happened to me! It just goes to show you how vunerable all our precious things of the computer are. We try and make back up copies of all our films and photos onto disc but with three of us we get a bit muddled and don't know who's done what! Hazel got a new seperate hard drive from college which has been useful for storing Archies animation files. I was hoping it would freeup a lot of space but the laptop is as slow as ever!
Good the roosters found a home. Is it that nice man Bernard Matthews?

Roger Stevens said...

WEll, we've found them a home. But haven't managed to catch them yet.

How do you catch a rooster?

michael said...

Wave a chicken in front of it?