Tuesday, October 25, 2005

You Done My Brain In

You Done My Brain In
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This is a collage made for the Bonzo Dog Band group "My Pink Half Of The Drain Pipe" thats on Flickr. I plan to do more collages of Bonzo songs as they are so strong visually.
Walked into town this morning despite the drizzle. Did my usual tour of the charity shops, the library, the bank and the post office. I bought some magic tricks which will probably put away for stocking fillers. Also got a pile of Cd's for 30p each from the Salvation Army shop which included Human League's "Dare" and Edwyn Collins "Georgous George".
Archie heard that his two animations have been accepted for the under 18's film festival in Manchester. No surprise to me really. We are looking forward to the "premiere" and seeing them on the big screen in December.
Hazel bought a new hutch for Flo today and we got her in from the garden as the fireworks have started to go off at night as Guy Fawkes draws near.
She seemed very happy with her new home and after a brief inspection was lying around inside like the Queen of Sheba!


scrapatorium said...

That collage is brilliant!! Congrats to Archie for being accepted!

Jonathan said...

Best of luck to Archie with his animations.
Magic tricks, eh? Doesn't that sound like fun...

michael said...

Thanks Angelica and Jonathan. Animation is a kind of magic trick in itself. The one called "Fly Paddles" sounds intriguing!

Cocaine Jesus said...

How about a collage for Vivian Stanshall's "Trevor keeps his clips on" ?
Fantastic song from a fantastic album.
Well done Archie!!!

michael said...

Trevor? I thought it was Nigel? You're right about the collage fodder though. I can see it now!

Cocaine Jesus said...

Premature senility. I was only playing the damn song 'tother day.
Trevor? Nigel? comic names in themselves?

michael said...

It was Terry. I'm very bad at names too so I should talk.