Monday, October 03, 2005

A scanner in the works.

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A quiet day at home today as I had a few things to catch up with. I added a couple of things to my blogs and dubbed a cassette to a CD for a friend. Added some collages to Flickr including this one which I made on the scanner. I changed it later with an additional robot and got rid of the gear cut-away. You can find it HERE.
Archie heard that he has three small animations accepted to a German film festival. Their website doesnt seem to be up and running yet so can't put a link. Will try later. Hazel took in the film he is entering for this years Exposures Film festival in Manchester.
Archies collection of conkers is growing steadily and it now fills a huge basket by the back door. He's only just getting round to drilling holes in some so we have a conker championship.


Roger Stevens said...

Hmmm... so if the bag of horse chestnuts are on the floor - I guess you'd have to stoop to conker.
Puts me in mind of a play.

Syl said...

Lol, Roger...
Fantastic that Archie's animations will be in the German Film Festival set...but not surprising.
I like the idea of the spontaneous computer scan of images...sometimes our clutter is suprisingly cool.
I set out to conker a poem, but they outnumbered me.

michael said...

Roger had a bag of conkers
He bent down to get one
But Oh Lor!
As he reached his back went clonk!
Those wretched conkers on the floor

He was stuck , to stooped to conker
But suddenly his braces
Snapped and -TWANG!
You should have seen their faces!
As he exploded with a BANG!

Needs a bit of work.

Roger Stevens said...

Do you think so?

hazel said...

I thinks it spot on...what a wonderful image it paints.

hazel said...

apart from the exploding with a bang thats not nice....
How many more jokes can you get out of stooping to conker?

swapatorium said...

Congrats to Archie! That's really cool.

Your poem is quite snappy M. Had me laughing!

michael said...

It's a metaphorical bang ofcourse - I wouldn't wish an explosion on anyone!

Jonathan said...

We've got an headline in the paper here that says, "English village celebrates a child's game that's conker-ing a nation" I'll send the article along...