Sunday, October 02, 2005

Is it stuffy in here or is it me?

Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
Boot sale time again but I didn't find much. At the first at Witton Albion I found a Hank Snow EP that looked promising but was very scratched and the songs were nothing special. Hazel bought some very thin mapping pens in a box and Archie found some old videos of Red Dwarf.
At the next one, close by in the carpark of the pub in Lostok I got a Lonnie Donegan EP but I have a feeling I have all the tracks on a CD somewhere. Hazel bought some second hand potatoes.


Cate said...

Second hand potatoes???

michael said...

Don't you have them in America? They are the potatoes that look like they belonged to someone else.

swapatorium said...

WOW, that collage is AMAZING! Truly, one of my favorites!!!

Second hand potatoes? Are the spud duds?

michael said...

I have you to thanks for the room and the big dragonfly outside the window Angelica! Gradually working my way through all those nice clippings you sent me.
Cheap as chips!

michael said...

Oh yes, and the cherub pouring jam into the jars- thats from you too!