Thursday, October 06, 2005

He stoops to conker!

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Archie is still filling the big basket full of conkers. He's getting round to putting strings through a few so he can rap my knuckles a few times.
The German animation fest. thing was a mistake but we haven't the heart to tell Archie yet. They apparently told every single person who entered that they had work accepted! How stupid. Nevermind, Archie has other irons in the fire and the Cornerhouse seems keen on his new animation for the Exposures festival next month and also asked if he could finish the animation for the band Wevie Stonder which he has started but hasn't quite finished yet. The band gave their approval and might even back project it at a gig if it's good enough.
Yesterday I caught up with some neglected mail art and finished off copying some cassettes to CD for Jim who sent me a stack of tapes. Some were so interesting I added them to my Boot Sale Sounds blog. Jim has promised some rare novelty songs in return so how could I refuse!
Hazel's knee is still a bit numb but she didn't go to the doctors. Probably a trapped nerve we think after some internet searching for similar ailments- all that walking on soft sand and kite flying last week.
It's Archies birthday next week. He's turning into a teenager! Help! He's growing up so quickly and takes the same shoe size as Hazel now ( 6 ). It doesnt seem all that long ago I was pushing him around in a buggy!


Cate said...

I've been very interested in all the conker comments. Having NO idea what a conker was and feeling that I ask way too many questions anyway, I looked it up in the dictionary, but no listing. So I surmise from the picture that it's probably some type of nut. (It's surprising, but sometimes my surmising is wrong. . .so maybe not).

I've never heard of Wevie Stonder but the name reminds me of the story of Rendercella. I clicked on the site and they seem to have quite an imagination. Your son seems to have plenty to do to keep him busy. That's so wonderful.

michael said...

Aska away cate! A conker is the nut or fruit of the horse chestnut tree. The other sort of chestnut you can eat but these you can't- at least they don't taste very nice. Pig eat them I think. You thread a string through the m and take it in turns to swing the conker and bash your apponents until one of them cracks out breaks in two. The winning conker is then called a one'er and if it beats another its called a two'er and so on. Some with flat tops are called "cheesers" for reasons which escape me!

The Wevie Stonder boys seems a wacky lot and have a great website. they are obviously into animation and weird films and make adverts themselves. They sound like a co-operative of sorts but i could be wrong. Anyway, Archie seems to fit well into that vein of silliness. A chip off the old blocks I guess!

swapatorium said...

Well, I had no idea what a conker was either. What a strange game! John pitched washers as a kid. I had no idea what that was either until he told me. In case you don't know, you dig a hole in the ground and place a tin can in there. You then take turns pitching washers to get them in the can. There's a whole point system, similiar to horseshoes. Leave it to boys.

Syl said...

I shouldn't worry too much about the German Film gig...Could still work out, and if not...his talent will be showing up in other arenas.
I don't know about the conker bashers...sounds like a big "Ouch!" to me! But if it's a tradition, then on with it & good luck Archie.
Concerned about Hazel's knee...sounds like she doesn't need to be walking on it. And I suspect the nerve is in the back which was careful.
I keep forgetting to tell you how much I am enjoying the Bootsale site...good graphics, info, & of course music. Well done. Best to all...

Cate said...

Thanks for the explanation, Michael. I'm learning a lot. Loved Archie's poems you left on Roger's comments page. They are quite funny!

michael said...

Pitching washers sounds a bit like Tiddly-Winks? Do you have that in the U.S. Angelica? I'm sure you must do. You flip a plastic disc into a pot but by pressing the smaller disc with a slightly larger one (abou the size of an old penny) There s quite a lot of skill to it and they have championships much the same as the conkers.
Thanks for the kind words Syl. I'm sure Hazel's knee will be fine after a weekend of rest. Glad you are enjoying the Boot Sale Sounds. Ive been having fun sorting through my old records- finding ones to play that people might not have heard before. The most downloaded tracks seem to to be the Slim Gaillard , which surprises me a little. Least popular is the Country Bumpkin stuff which doesnt surprise me atall!
Thnaks cate. Glad to be of help. You learn something new everyday here at blogland!

Cocaine Jesus said...

We usually, at this time of year, go to Dunmow and collect conkers. One year we had quite literally hundreds upon hundres. We kept them in a bag and forgot about them.
They go a really charming greenie fuzzy brown as they rot and give a toxic smell!

Cocaine Jesus said...

PS. A strange game?

Not as bloody strange as Rodeo!!!

North Wales Property said...
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