Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Wheel 2
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
This is one of Archie's latest Flash animations reduced to Quicktime so a lot of the detail is lost unfortunately but you get the idea. He's grasped the technology to make these in just a few hours and quite amazing for a 12 year old, but then this is aboy weaned on animation since he was a baby.
See it here!


iHanna said...

Wow! Awsome, tell him to hurry up make the sequal!

michael said...

Thanks iHanna! I'm glad someone can see these - I was beginning to wonder!

R said...

That was absolutely amazing! This is something I can watch over and over again.

michael said...

Hey, now you are over at my blog! I was just at ihanna's and yours rene! Small world eh?
Thanks for the nice encouraging comments!

Janet Martin said...

Wow. I love it! More please!

ryanne hodson said...

nice work!
glad you posted his animations.
this is great.
you guys need an rss 2.0 feed from feedburner.com
so your videos can be aggregated in ANT antnottv.org
this is how a lot of us watch everyone.
step 7 on freevlog:


Syl said...

It's getting where each day, I need my daily dose of Archie Animation! These are so entertaining...and by a 12 year old! amazing.

michael said...

Thanks for the hint Ryanne. We thought there must be a way of seeing these a lot clearer than Quicktime makes them. Is this possible. Have i compressed them too much?

michael said...

Well I have a feed from feedburner now but not sure how this really works. It sounds like gobbledegook to me! Is it working Ryanne?

R said...

I tried adding your feed to my ANT but then I don't see Flobberlob in the queue. (?) You can try adding your feed to mefeedia.com as well.

michael said...

Sorry rene, I'm rather confused by all the feed jargon - where do I find my feed? I joined up with mefeedia but when I typed in flobberlob URL they said it was wrong!?

ryanne hodson said...

hi hi
you do have a feed now
but you need to go into feedburner and enable "smartcast"
in your options...
that will make it subscribable.
also check out my tutorial on compression here:

email me and we can chat some more about compression and what programs you are using...