Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Jones Archive of Epistolotory Fun.

This is one example of the postcards we found whilst looking through the twenty or so albums that Hazel's Dad used to collect. Most of them are from holidays at seaside resorts in the 60's and 70's and others like this collaborative collaged card was from Hazel via Snowwhite Jung in the 80's. Many are those "saucy" seaside postcards of the Donald McGill variety and clones thereof.More can be found at Flickr.
Archie has been having fun catching snails - painting numbers on their shells with white ink and letting them go again. His scientific "study" of their movements around the garden is quite interesting to watch. They seem to have vanished into the herbaceous borders and undergrowth and so make a mockery of his graphs and charts he has devised to track them! Perhaps luminous paint would have been better?
It's been showery today so stayed in except for a quick dash to the paper shop. The Star Wars DVD given away in the Sun was very disappionting- only 35 minutes long. The rabbit enjoyed reading and chewing the paper.
Flo is now outside where she would have been at Easter had the conservatory been built on time. She doesn't like it much. Ousted from her cosy corner - she's banging her little furry feet.

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michael said...

Does nobody like these funny hats?