Sunday, May 22, 2005

A day of mixed fortunes.

Wagner as a boy.
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At least it wasn't raining when we set out for the boot sale at Weaverham but later it bucketed down. Not much luck finding bargains and in desperation plucked an old Tommy Steele LP from amongst some old Guy Mitchell 78's for a quid at the last minute as we we leaving. Its pretty awful but quite rare I imagine. Its very scratchy though so quite hard to listen to. Its a soundtrack to a film he made in the 50's called "The Duke Wore Jeans" . The music was written by Lionel Bart I believe and is that mixture of shmaltz and west end show tune with a grudging nod towards rock 'n' roll. Bart and friends were certainly no Leiber and Stoller!
Hazel got a few metal bits and archie got a music stand that they wrestled with for 20 minutes to get folded into something resembling a music stand and not a vegetable strainer.
After we got home and had some tea and toast, Hazel went out again to take her Mom and sister who always get up later. They got a few cheap nick-nacks by the sound of it - as if they had room for any more!
Archie went over to James' house on his bike and Hazel cycled with him to see him safely across the busy road.
She came home to sew some samples to show the woman who in charge of the Shiffly machine (?) , which is a huge machine that can stitch up to 80 identical things from a pattern drawn by pantograph. It all looks like something Heath Robinson has dreamed up and therefor part of its appeal for Hazel I expect. It's in the MMU stitchery dept. or whatever it's called.

Planxty - The Good Ship Kangaroo

Planxty - The Blackberry Blossom/Lucky In Love/The Dairy Maid (reels)

The You Send It files are available for seven days or until exhausted.


michael said...

hazel said..I will put a picture of a small section of it on my blog.

michael said...

You could do one of the Shiffly machine while your at it!