Thursday, May 05, 2005

All the fives.

Picnic under a tree.
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
Not sure what significance that is but it's the fifth day of the fifth month of the fifth year of the new millenium and time for change! I didnt want to vote Conservatorys and no Greenhouse Party standing so left with the Dribbling Dummidrips. Not a great deal of choice really!
Yesterday I went into town and did some shopping. Found a mbira or african thumb piano in a charity shop which sounds like one of those old tin musical boxes with bits missing. It's added to my one string fiddle and the zither and all the other musical implements we are unable to get a tune out of!
The mac has been updated so now is more confusing that ever but has Garage Band on it which is baffling like most of the software. iphoto wasnt working as it should and not recognising any cameras plugged into it but after four hours of pulling her hair out Hazel managed to get it to work thankfully. It even finds the tiny Quicktime movies that we couldnt see before so that was a bonus at least. I would upload one to the blog but no idea how to do it. Will try again tomorrow.

Shelly Lee Alley - Women, Women, Women

Bill Mounce - Kickin' It Off

These You Send It files will be available for seven days or until exhausted.


swapatorium said...

Perhaps Hazel should combine all of your non-working musical instruments and make one weird one that works.

I love that painting that you posted. It reminds me of an illustration from old children's books.

michael said...

That's a good idea Angelica. Actually all the instruments work but we are no good at playing them!
The gouache is an old painting from the 1980's that I gave to the Jones family one Christmas. It was based on variuos elements from old children's books. The tree trunk was from one book, the background from another, the pixie and his pals from another and so on.

Alan Bowman said...


what is yousendit?

i wish you still had a counter i would keep hitting the 'back' and 'forward' button just to frighten you ;-D

Alan Bowman said...
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michael said...

yes, numbers scare me - I don't mind admitting it!
You Send It is a great little website that holds onto your files for you and passes them on to someone else- much better than the narrow bandwidthed yahoo groups who always have trouble accessing files. yahoo members have just dicovered how useful You Send It files are and use them all the time now. the only probelm is they can only be used for 25 times or up to seven days but nothing to stop you reloading them again for people who missed them. This doesnt happen much though as most of the yahoo groups i belong to are full of lurkers with only a handful of active members who access the files in the first place!