Monday, March 27, 2017

Mother's Day

Mothering Sunday and first an indoor boot sale at the Memorial Hall. Found a nice big heavy frame for my railway tickets. Painting it black ( now in summer house ). Also a double CD of old Beach Boys stuff "Friends" and "20/20" which came out in the late 60's. Overlooked at the time and contain some nice tracks not heard before. Hazel got a tin photo of a little girl and keyhole cover. Archie found a musty frame. Archie had made a delicious carrot cake with cream cheese topping which we took over to Granma's in the afternoon to have with coffee. hazel and Archie did some gardening - planting some flowers they bought. I read the local paper. News isn't good - banning parking on all roads round Hartford Station - new shopping precinct stays empty - local Tory MP gets away with murder etc. The collage above is my Mum when she was a young woman back in the 40's on her wedding day.

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