Friday, July 29, 2016

Birthday and 4th Anniversary

Good to have our boy home for a couple of days to celebrate his mother's and aunties birthdays. Audrey's was first and Hazel had made a huge chocolate cake which we started eating on Tuesday and still today ( Friday) there is some left - which must be some kind of record! After Hazel opened her presents we went for a walk in Marbury Country Park where Archie found a big stick to play with. Throwing sticks into the muddy swamp is always great fun and mine won by sticking in upright - spludge! Then we picked up Hazel's sister for a drive over to Anderton and a pub lunch at the nearby watering hole . Nice fish and chips and heaps of mushy peas. Too full to have a pudding. Needed another walk afterwards to get rid of all those calories! Also our 4th wedding anniversary so plenty to celebrate.

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