Wednesday, April 20, 2016

ATC's & A Walk

I expect you all know what ATC's (Artists Trading Cards ) are so I won't bother to mention them again only to say that a new batch is hot off the press ( as we say in ATC land ) and dropping off the end of the conveyor belt as we speak. Nice walk to Marbury this morning as it was such a lovely sunny day. Surprised just how many twitchers, dog walkers and tree huggers there were down there on a Wednesday - thankfully the blubell wood was very quiet except for the remarkable bird song and a slight breeze and distant hum of a mower ( maybe a plane?) . Sat for ages on a mossy bench and took some photos whilst Hazel scribbled about the joys of Spring in her notebook. Hard to capture the wood in all it's glory in mere pencil but she a had a go anyway! The herd of cows we quite fiendly today and snuffled up to the barb wire fence risking serious eye injury, blowing hot cow breath over us. They were caked in dried mud and obviously had a fun time rolling about in a sticky patch recently. sEVERAL DOGS SAID "hELLO" IN DOGGY language. One twitcher who was focused on a nearby tree said he was looking out for a spotted woodpecker. We told him we'd heard one in the wood but couldnt locate it. It souned like it was three or four feet away!

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