Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ruthin - North Wales

Pleasant ride out to Ruthin in North Wales today with Hazel. Nice day considering the weather forecast of sunshine and showers. A few spots and spits but nothing to trouble us. Had a nice breakfast in out favourite cafe in the centre of the town after parking at the Craft Centre. We met up with the Mary Greg crew later - part of an MMU student trip by the 3D department. Some interesting work from the Jerwood Prize selection and some homely crafts in the side gagglery. Not sure what a gagglery is but it sounds good and full of geese which it wasn't! I walked about a bit on my own while Hazel popped in the clothes shops. I found some charity shops - bought a DVD of The Maltese Falcon with extras disc for a quid. I watched it recently but always nice to have the extras - making of, documentaries etc. For lunch in the crafts centre cafe we had a open sandwich to share - salmon and prawn which was delicious. I could have eaten a whole one but had already had three breakfasts! No wonder I am getting fat! Nice chats with Hazel and her chums - possible exhibition in the pipeline - testing out the gallery and the space. Quiet roads back and home by 3-15pm just in time to catch the kids coming out of school and blocking our parking space!

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