Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bumper Mail Day

 Bumper mail art packets from two regular correspondents today which was a nice surprise as I hardly ever send any out these days! Postage has reached appalling price now - just a postcard in the UK being 50p and the Australia is around two quid!   Even the nice people behind the counters at the local PO have become very mean - pushing the letters and packets through the tiny slotted thing they are obliged to do these days and tutting, saying "Sorry, its just too big - that will have to be another two pounds in postage!"  When I ask if they could put it through a mangle to flatten it a bit they just smile ruefully and ignore my pathetic jokes!
So  its cheaper for me to just use the internet to send mail now - anyway as Iv'e said before - the coal shed is full to bursting with the 35 year old archive and I cannot get another stamp in there let alone a packet.  Though I do enjoy getting the odd snail mail I must admit.  Curating the OBRIGADO show at the VAC gallery has made me realise how much I've been missing it. It was a good fix for a while but rather glad it's stopped now.  The Sticker Dude has included some stickers based on an old collage of mine so that was a nice surprise. I shall no doubt find ways to distribute them. perhaps leaving them on trains and buses to baffle old age pensioners?
The pack from D.C. Spaulding in Lomita CA. was more of the late John Evans's collage material which his wife has been spreading around the network it seems.  D.C. said he had far too much so was sending me some. Creative Thing in Los Angeles recently sent me a stack of similar stuff he had been given by John's wife through a third party so I am accumulating quite a rich hoard - mostly tickets, labels, postcards and other ephemera. I am arranging them in small collections like Peter Blake's  "A Small Museum For...." series.  More news anon.

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