Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Llandudno Weekend Part 2

Continuing from the previous post  ----   we climbed up the Orme to the Happy Valley the next day (Sunday)  and had a good view of the Victorian Extravaganza parade as it wended it's way along the sea front. We could see the traction engines steam whistles quite clearly and hear the Drum and Pipe bands wafting up on the breeze.  We took a picnic to eat on the cliff edge and had a wonderful panoramic view of Llandudno , Conway and the the Welsh hills beyond.  We wanted to visit Drew of Salvage Hunter fame but seems he's so popular now through his TV show that you can only peruse all his junk by prior appointment.  Walked down the hill later to have fish and chips on the prom - making sure we hid our meal from the marauding seagulls!
Went back to the gallery again to build more towers and stuff with the bricks and type on the adjusted tip-tappers.  O yes, I missed out the Voltini sideshow  which we saw a couple of years ago and were keen to see again. A real old fashioned Victorian eccentric show man and his chums who do things with electricity - mainly to his lady assistant/ accomplice  Madame Electra who has an enormous rack - of light bulbs and makes cucumbers spark in a very suggestive fashion. In fact the whole show is littered with innuendo from start to finish!   And lots of sparks and flashing lights and weird apparatus out of Frankenstein's laboratory.

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