Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Mail For Old

Good news is that Archie did get into Brighton so we celebrated by having extra helping of Marmite gravy on our Quorn roast- hooray!
Been sorting through lots of old photos and mail art trying to find things suitable for the Southend Art School group on Facebook. Added a few things including old Beecroft gallery catalogues and snaps that have seen better days. Blimey they look pre-war some of these! The envelope above is one Hazel sent me when we were courting back inn the 80's. I sent it to her first and she added to it and sent it back in the usual mail arty fashion.
Good to see old art school chums like Fred Eve, Barry Wenden, Dick Woods and Russ Colombo popping up to wallow in nostalgia at the SSA group. Also go a nice email from Derek Ellard who now lives in Australia.

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