Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Library Sale

This spell of warm weather has made all the little flies appear again. One is just flitting around in front of the computer monitor making "V" signs at me - that's what it feels like anyway - buzz OFF!

Some more catching up to do -

Tony and Penny came over to join us at the Crafts Centre near Tarporley last week. They hadnt been before so we showed them the delights of the candle shop, ye olde wishing well, pet shop aquariums etc. Hazel was busy so she just stayed for lunch in the cafe and then went home to do college work. We also looked round the antique emporium and bought some postcards.

Two boot sales on Sunday at Hartford business park and Witton Albion. Got a few films including High Fidelity and Woodstock (directors cut). Archie got a few things including some nice Ladybird books and a dial and a light switch. Hazel got a few bits of crockery and other bits and bobs that will no doubt turn up on her collections blog shortly.

Archie is making a stop motion animation with his friend Hannah upstairs . We watched the rushes of the first one the other day and it looked hilarious , even without a soundtrack.
Nice that he has found some creative arty friends at the new college he goes to.

More bargains at the library sale today including a nice book about Signwritten Art with lovely old shop fronts in. The other day I found some DVD's for a quid including Gainsbourg about Serge that looks interesting though not too keen on his music. Also a triple CD of Island label stuff from the 60's and early 70's. Nice to hear Dr. Strangley Strange again!

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