Wednesday, August 24, 2011

River Weaver

Nice walk the other day along the River Weaver from behind the Memorial Hall to Hunts Locks. I can't belive it's taken us so long to do this walk after 12 years of living in Northwich. Really quite an attractive part of town which is ignored by most of the population. When we first came to see the area we went to a Water Festival on the river which was quite exciting with artists doing performances and duck races etc. but that sadly was a "one off" event that was never repeated for some reason.

Hopefully the new Northwich rejuvination programme or "vision", whatever they are calling it these days, will focus on the river and not spoil it with car parks and huge supermarkets as threatened before. Town planners and councils have a nasty habit of messing things up.

This was then and now is 24th August. Just back from Chester. A nice morning despite the traffic chaos due to roadworks by the Park & Ride. Got a nice old Victorian Inventions book with tons of old illustrations to make good use of. We had a copy somewhere so this is a spare. Had some veg. sausage rolls from the Pound Bakery outside the cathedral in the sun. Curious jazz duo by the market cross . Good keyboards but trumpet player was pretty awful. Thankfully the town cryer and his mini-me came over at 12 and stopped them making a racket for a while. Well, they just made another kind of racket with the bell and loud voice and the awful jokes. Then posing in the stocks with tourists. I'd left my camera at home for a change so you'll have to use your imaginations.


Roger Stevens said...

Have used my imagination. And it's even noisier than you said it was!

Anonymous said...

it can't have been!!